Individual Counselling


My counselling approach is based on creating a safe space for you to share what's troubling you and support you to find new ways to move forwards in any area of your life that feels stuck. This could mean working through difficult feelings, patterns that no longer work for you or beliefs that may have shaped what you feel is possible in your life. It's based on gestalt counselling and the way we work will depend very much on each person and what's appropriate to your life situation. 


Working in the present moment


Gestalt therapy focuses on raising awareness of the aspects of your present day situation that will help you make the changes you feel are right for you. The focus is very much in the present as it's only now that we can make changes, regardless of what happened in the past.


Trying out something new

I provide an empathic space in which you may feel free to express your feelings and trial out new ways of tackling situations, expressing yourself, or of relating. This approach also allows us to work on unresolved material from the past that seems to be interfering with your present-day possibilities. It allows us to explore what may usually feel difficult to accept about ourselves, as it's often in these places where we can re-discover many of our hidden treasures.


Expanding possibilities

No matter what we're working on, confidence and self-esteem, life changes, depression, anxiety,  or relationships, the exploration will open up new ways of looking at yourself and your situation, expanding what feels possible now, so you can create more satisfying alternatives.


To book an appointment or if you have any questions about counselling, please call me on 07515 570689, or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.