Couples Counselling


Human beings aren’t perfect and when we come together in relationship we also bring all our imperfections, strengths and vulnerabilities with us.


Sometimes we complement each other in just the right ways. Other times we can trigger each other in just the right ways also. This doesn’t have to mean there’s anything wrong in your relationship. More often it can mean these are the places where there‘s something to learn from each other. Counselling can help you understand what’s happening when differences like these come up between you. It can also help you find ways to resolve these differences in a loving and respectful way.


Couples counselling provides a neutral space to explore many of the difficulties that can come up in relationships and can help you find more effective, and supportive ways to communicate with each other, even in the places you differ. It can also support you to increase intimacy, closeness and affection for each other.


And it isn’t always necessary to wait until issues arise. Sometimes it can be enormously helpful to attend to any uncomfortable feelings early so you can build the kind of connection you want between you. Other times, knowing how to resolve conflict becomes paramount, and understanding how to communicate in a loving and supportive way with your partner becomes even more important.


Above all, it can help you increase mutual understanding so you can create the kind of bond you want between you.


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