"I have always been reluctant to start therapy, but when I realised I needed some help someone strongly recommended to get in touch with Jenny. Now, after almost one year, I feel I have to share this excellent piece of advice. Jenny helped me for about five months, but the effects of the work we did together are still present. Old psychological wounds have been healed and she gave me a method to face everyday difficulties. It did not change me, it liberated me thanks to a very subtle and clever approach". Cristina M, 2016


"Jenny has given me the tools I needed to overcome several hurdles from my past. I have continued to see improvements in the way that I am able to interpret and cope with life events long after our sessions together have ended. She is a patient, genuine and skilled therapist and I would certainly recommend her services." Jodie, 2014


"I was very fortunate to be referred to Jenny as my therapist, in a relatively short time she helped me to recognise, focus on and address the sources of my anxiety. During the course a number of techniques were explored and her help has been a major factor in putting me in a better place. Her considerate but professional approach was key to identifying my aspirations" DW, 2014 


"The effects of the therapy I started last year with Jenny are still visible in my life. Three months of weekly appointments with her helped me to obtain new tools so I could manage my feelings better, especially those negative ones which could have become eternal frustrations. One of these tools was feeling both the good and bad feelings fully so they find a comfortable space within my body. When you do that, feelings flow naturally through us. It was a very personal path and I felt in good company doing it with her" MRA, 2014


"It was my first experience of therapy and I'm very happy with the support I received, I felt comfortable with Jenny from the beginning. These weeks were really helpful in identifying my feelings and I feel very satisfied with the results. Based on my experience I would definitely recommend her." Marcela, 2014


"May I just write to thank Jenny for the skill and effort she has put into making my issues more at ease with myself. Your insight has been of great use and I will endeavour to keep on the right side of productivity" Derek, 2013